img 03/5/09


Best source for magnets

img 02/13/09

Specialty Bottle

Cheap misc. containers

img 12/1/08


DIY industrial metal framing

img 08/21/08

Stack-It Brackets

No-nail, no-bolt supports

img 06/2/08

Sticker Shield

Removable windshield appliqué

img 04/27/07

Nikwax TX.Direct Spray-On Waterproofing

Revives old (& creates new) rain gear

img 04/26/07

Glü-Bot Glue Bottle

Dispenses precisely, minimizes gumming

img 11/2/06


Inventory of new materials

img 10/31/06

Anti-Vandal Spray

Industrial-strength graffiti remover

img 09/19/06

Small Parts on Amazon

Raw materials for tinkerers

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