Month: January 2024

img 01/31/24

Book Freak 151: Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Advice from Daniel Goleman’s classic, “Emotional Intelligence”

img 01/29/24

Winter Boots

Tools for Possibilities: issue no. 71

img 01/23/24

Book Freak 150: Overcoming Personal Fears

Advice from Darius Foroux’s “Win Your Inner Battles: Defeat The Enemy Within and Live With Purpose”

img 01/22/24

Music Streams

Tools for Possibilities: issue no. 70

img 01/19/24

Bud Thorpe, Photographer

Show and Tell #397: Bud Thorpe

img 01/17/24

Gar’s Tips & Tools – Issue #172

Weekly-ish access to tools, techniques, and shop tales from the worlds of DIY

img 01/16/24

Book Freak 149: How to Talk to Anyone

Leil Lowndes’ 92 little tricks for big success in relationships

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