img 07/8/20


Unstick stuck doors, windows, and drawers

img 06/24/20

Projector Alarm Clock

Project time on wall or ceiling

img 06/5/20

Crowfoot Wrench

Tightens nuts in tight places

img 04/30/20

Wiring Complete

Best electrical DIY

img 04/3/20

Bissell Natural Sweep

Fastest carpet cleaner

img 01/13/20

Scotchlok Butt Connectors

Solder-free, moisture-proof wire splicing

img 09/6/19

Pick Stick

Extend your reach

img 06/26/19

Vari-Speed Fan Speed Controller

Control speed of fans, blowers, fireplace blowers, attic fans, humidifiers, ventilators, etc.


Fiskars Cuts+More

Multipurpose scissors cut everything

img 04/25/19

Radio Controlled Clock (“Atomic Clock”)

Wall clock with to-the-second accuracy

img 02/21/19

Battery Powered LED Spotlight

Motion-activated spotlight

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