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Parts and video instruction for DIY appliance repair

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Small Homes

The best size for homes

img 06/15/17

Kaboost Booster Seat for Dining

Stays attached even when chair is moved

img 06/5/17

Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape

Stops leaks under pressure without turning off the water source

img 06/2/17

Plastic Shims

Use to stabilize and level various objects

img 05/23/17

FiAir Air Blower/Fast Fire Starter

Air Blower/Fast Fire Starter for Charcoal Grills, Tailgating, Campfires, Fire Pits, Fireplaces, Wood Stoves

img 05/19/17

Basin Buddy

Universal wrench for metal metal PVC locknuts, couplings nuts and toilet supply nuts

img 05/18/17

Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Container

Airtight seal keeps food fresh and safe from ants

img 04/19/17

Aluminum Flashing Tape

Tape for permanent roof repair

img 04/12/17

Reader Favorite: Hugo’s Amazing Tape

Resuable tape sticks only to itself