img 03/3/20


Shoot pesky flies with a pinch of table salt

img 11/13/19

High Density Foam Rollers

Post Workout Massage Tool

img 10/31/19

Trauma Shears

Inexpensive plastic and sheet metal cutter

img 10/16/19


Better bandage

img 10/2/19

MAX-1 Foam Earplugs

High noise reduction

img 10/1/19

Back Scrubber

Scrubs hard-to-reach areas

img 08/16/19

Tick Key

Always handy tick remover

img 08/7/19

Pahlavandle Indian Clubs

Adjustable weight Indian clubs

img 05/30/19

Backfriend Posture Back Support

Backrest and seat base can be used in most any seat or chair

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