img 06/6/11

Oil Filter Socket Set

Easy oil filter removal

img 10/11/10


Bike + Scooter Hybrid

img 11/20/09

Overland Journal

4-wheeled adventurer’s dream publication

img 05/21/09

Speed Bleeder

Fix your own brakes

img 10/23/08

The Nuvi 350

Bargain spoken maps

img 08/8/08

Tire Plugs

Emergency puncture fix

img 07/17/08


Uses tire air pressure to flush brakes

img 05/30/08

Xtreme Charge

12-volt battery juicer

img 05/12/08

eGO Cycle

For the last year, I’ve loved commuting to work on this electric scooter because it’s powerful enough to ride in …

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