img 09/17/06

Sticky Pad

Stabilizes items in cars

img 09/14/06

Winding Road

Free car buff magazine

img 09/7/06

Porta Bote

Foldable skiff

img 09/4/06


Super wide angle windshield view

img 08/28/06

Golden Eagle Bike Engine

250 mpg bicycle assist motor

img 08/15/06


Portable jump kit

img 06/16/06

Volvo 240

Cheapest reliable used car

img 05/17/06

Scion xB

Cheap spacious utility car

img 05/4/06

Universal Power Bleeder

For bleeding brake lines

img 02/15/06

Filtration Solutions FS2500

Bypass Oil Filter for Trucks and SUVs

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