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Hausgrind Hand Powered Coffee Grinder

Best hand powered coffee grinder

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Jura-Capresso ENA 9 Automatic Coffee Center

Bean-to-cup coffee with the push of a button


Source for “nylon” single cup coffee filter.

I have three single-cup coffee filters. Each consists of a cone of a nylon-feeling fabric, attached to a flat plastic …

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“Reverse French” Coffee Making

A new take on brewing coffee


Hario Skerton Hand Crank Coffee Mill

Ceramic burr with a fine grind


Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee

Improved instant coffee


what is the best device for brewing good coffee when camping?

I’m looking for a tough, convenient and easy to clean device that allows me to brew good coffee when camping. …


Clever Coffee Dripper

Full immersion dripper


Popcorn Popper as Coffee Roaster

Makeshift caffeine bean cooker


Fresh Roast Plus Coffee Roaster

DIY coffee bean toasting

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