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img 5/9/11

Clever Coffee Dripper

Full immersion dripper

img 3/6/08

Popcorn Popper as Coffee Roaster

Makeshift caffeine bean cooker

img 5/4/07

Fresh Roast Plus Coffee Roaster

DIY coffee bean toasting

Measuring up. 9/24/20

Getting Data Out of Digital Calipers

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #62

img 9/11/20

Sonal Chokshi, a16z Editor in Chief

Cool Tools Show 243: Sonal Chokshi

img 9/9/20

What’s in my bag? — Eric Lepine

What’s in my bag? issue #66

img 8/21/20

Itamar Kubovy, curator of live experiences

Cool Tools Show 240: Itamar Kubovy

img 8/12/20

What’s in my bag? — Amantha Imber

What’s in my bag? issue #62

img 7/23/20

Stain Devils

Effective stain removal