Kenu Airframe Phone Mount

I have been on a quest to find an in-car cell phone mount for some time now. I have tried various suction cup, non-slip, lighter socket plugs, cup holder and air vent versions including various hacks using paper clips, rubber bands and coffee cups only to be left wanting. Recently I came across the Kenu Airframe mount, and it’s just what the doctor ordered. This little mount has four fingers on the back of the phone clip that clamp to both thick and thin air vent fins. The fingers can be rotated to accommodate either thick or thin fins in any orientation (vertical, horizontal, diagonal). I have used this tool for approximately one month now and it is exactly what I imagined should exist; it is a simply elegant solution.


-- Steven Smith  

[I have one of these, too, and I like it. One thing to keep in mind is the possibility of overheating your phone if you've got hot air coming out of the vent that the phone is attached to. This is rarely an issue here in Los Angeles, but if you live in Minneapolis, I'd think twice before buying one. -- Mark Frauenfelder]

Kenu Airframe – Portable Smartphone Car Mount

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GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle in the modern world is hard enough. Exercising regularly, getting your diet in order, and getting adequate rest is a respectable task in and of itself (and far more important than supplementation) – but for those of us who want to go above and beyond with supplementation, it becomes even more complicated. Depending on your needs and your goals, you may want to take a “pre-workout” powder before you lift weights, and a protein shake immediately afterwards. On top of that, maybe you’re taking a twice daily dose of fish oil or some other supplement. It’s hard to keep track of everything.

If, like me, you’ve gotten sick of having a handful of separate sandwich baggies to serve a bunch of different purposes, consider the BlenderBottle GoStak. This modular canister system takes up little space in a bag or backpack, and even fits inside of an empty shaker bottle. Because it is smaller than the lip of most shaker bottles, powders pour easily into them without getting all over the place. Smaller canisters can carry a handful of supplements.

The GoStak is also great for an overnight bag, so you can be sure you’ll have the supplementation you need for the next day.

-- Randy P.  

GoStak Twist n’ Lock Storage Jars, 4-Piece Starter Pak

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Thermos Stainless Steel Can Insulator

We’ve got some of those standard foam can koozies (I looked that up) that aren’t really very effective, are kind of a pain to use and are starting to tear up. Time to upgrade.

I stumbled onto some metal/vacuum models made by Thermos. Having always had good luck with Thermos devices, I bought two of their Stainless Steel Can Insulators. This was late last year, when it was already cool, so 1), it really wasn’t the ideal time to “test” these things, and 2) I tend to drain a can pretty quickly. My wife, on the other hand, tends to nurse her sodas, so she’s the one who’d say if they do their job well.

I was immediately impressed by the fit & finish of these things. Set a can on top of one, and it just slides in nicely. Easy to remove – especially compared to a foam type. The rubberish seal at the top is also the grippy part, so it sits very nicely in hand.

And they provide a noticeably better life-of-a-cool-drink. My wife was a doubter but has come to really appreciate these things. Faster than prepping a glass with ice, and leaves no condensation rings behind. Now that it’s warmer, the effectiveness of these things is even more obvious. Pretty dang good, for sure.

They’re sleek, not blimped up. In fact, they fit in car cup-holders, which is arguably some sort of a good thing, but will also give you an idea of their sleekness.

Keep in mind that, while very good, these things aren’t magic. Drinks will warm in them, but it’s slowed down a lot. And there’s no fighting to get cans in/out. Way better than those foam things. Pricier too, of course, but they’re stainless steel and should last a very long time.


-- Wayne Ruffner  

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator for 12 Ounce Can

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Voltage Valet Travel Alarm Clock

As a frequent international travelers know, you cannot count on having a clock in hotels outside the US. Travel clocks are a dime-a-dozen, but the 2TS has one feature that makes it indispensable in my travels.

When I am time-shifted and my sleep patters are thrown, its important to be able to glance at a clock. The simple act of reaching to activate a backlight is enough to bring me to full consciousness, making it harder to get back to sleep. Reaching for my phone is worse; I’m likely to be distracted by messages that have piled up on the lock screen.

That’s where the T2S comes in. When you set the alarm, the LCD display remains constantly illuminated. With this unit, all I have to do is glance at it. If it’s still nighttime, I can easily drift back into slumber.

The light is just bright enough to make it readable, and dim enough that you can sleep facing it. It is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which the manufacturer says should last for 6 months of daily use. I use it far less than that, and replace the batteries once a year as a precaution.

I never leave the US without this clock!

-- Chris Adamson  

Voltage Valet 2TS LCD Travel Alarm Clock

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3-Outlet AC Adapter

I travel for work with some combination of laptop, video camera, phone, tablet, audio recorder. For all their improvements, one thing that remains true when traveling with electronics is that they need power, whether constantly or occasionally in the form of a battery charge. Hotels or hostels (or, for that matter, a guest room at your cousin’s house or AirB&B host) don’t always have handy outlets for you to hook up a computer, a phone, a tablet, and a camera battery charger. Combining functions (for instance, using a smart phone as camera, computer and book reader) is admirable, good, and increasingly practical — but doesn’t work in every context for every person.

That’s why I used to often travel with a regular household multi-tap outlet, and then a cute wrap-around miniature one, which I thought and think is a great invention. However, I’ve recently upgraded — some would say down- or side-graded — to a smaller, lighter, cheaper multi-tap. It costs $8 (with free add-on-item shipping from Amazon), and weighs 90g vs. 165g for the four-outlet one it supplants for one-bag travel. Orange may be ugly, but it’s harder to forget. And with a multi-tap, no matter what kind, you can be a minor hero at a crowded airport by letting a few others charge up *their* laptops or phones when the too-few AC outlets are full: I’ve never been turned down when asking politely to share the wall, nor turned down someone who wants to use one of the outlets.

At coffee shops and other places with long-abused outlets, too, I find the sturdy 3-prong connection gives me a connection less likely to slip out of the wall. I also bring along a 3-to-2 prong “cheater,” for the increasingly rare times that only 2-prongs are available. With that, and a spare AC USB charger attached, I can avoid most minor charging hassles.

Two small caveats: 1) This doesn’t get you much *away* from the wall, so there’s only one spot for a fat wall wart; 2) compared to my wrap-around one, I now have 3 outlets rather than 4, but I find I can live with this just fine.

-- Timothy Lord  

3-Outlet Heavy-Duty Grounding Adapter

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Chantal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

I have been using the Chantal travel mug for 6 months. The attribute that set it apart is that you can drink the liquid anywhere around the rim. Most, if not all, travel mugs have a single exit for the liquid. It is dishwasher safe, easy to disassemble and keeps the liquid at a consistent temperature for a long time.

-- Wayne Biermann  

Chantal Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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Tabletote Plus

I’m an independent musician who does a lot of touring, and in order to turn a profit I have to travel light. I use a small table on stage for my equipment, but I often travel by plane so every pound and inch counts. Many times I’ve been foraging through a club before the show trying to find some kind of table because it’s often not feasible for me to bring my own.

For this purpose I recently purchased the Tabletote Plus, a table I can travel with that’s extremely light and entirely collapsible.

– The telescoping legs and attachments store underneath the table surface and can easily be stored in my backpack with plenty of space left over. I’ve never seen a table this tall fit into such a tight package. (Sharpie for size reference)


– The maximum height is 30″ which almost reaches my waist. They also have a taller version but this works for what I need it for.

– It even comes with little attachments for my beer and smartphone, as well as clips for holding up notes if I wanted.

– The cost won’t break the bank.

– The table is made entirely from plastic, the website says it can hold up to 18lbs, but I’d stay under 15lbs to be safe. On the plus side it makes it extremely light for traveling.

Tabletote Plus

Available from Amazon

pStyle Female Urination Device

I have used the pStyle female urination device for over two years. Initially you might think it is gross but I think it is fantastic and I’ll explain why. If you are a guy you have no right to judge or snicker since you don’t have to completely drop your pants to pee while out in the wilderness.The pStyle is a plastic trough that allows girls to pee standing up without dropping their pants.

I carry mine in a little mesh bag with a small squirt bottle of water for rinsing. I keep it in one of the side water bottle pouches on my backpack and one in my glove box.

  1. Before you say this is gross, remember urine is sterile (unless you have some nasty infection).
  2. Imagine not having to drop your pants to pee in the jungle, avoiding getting your butt bitten by insects in the process.
  3. You don’t have to go on a trek to find cover as far away just to pee. In many places cover doesn’t exist.
  4. They come in a rainbow of colors.
  5. You don’t need toilet paper to pee. When done you just pull it forward and out if your pants and it acts like a squeegee. Then you simply rinse with the little water bottle and put away. Your fingers never touch the pee or any nasty bits.
  6. Imagine not having to hold it for long periods for lack of privacy.
  7. You will finally really know how easy guys have it.
  8. You can now tell people “I just don’t pee, I pstyle!” Or “I’m stylin with my pstyle!”
  9. Two years ago a woman I was with on an Amazon trip fell in the river, pants down, trying to pee off the side of the boat. All could have been avoided with the pstyle.
  10. I’ve been doing field work/trips for a long time and just want to make you aware of a product I find very useful and wish I had discovered sooner.
  11. I have researched other types and styles of these devices and I think this is the best. Don’t bother with the other kinds (Go-girl, lady j, etc). They are too soft and flexible so you practically have to drop your pant to get them in place and use them anyway. For me its a p-style or nothing.

I am completely serious about how much I like the pstyle. I have given one to my sister and other field biologist friends and while skeptical at first, they love it after trying it in the field.

-- Margy Green  


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5-Port USB Rapid Charger

On a recent vacation, my family brought along three mobile phones, an iPad, and two Kindles. Normally, we’d have plugged multiple chargers into all the available outlets in the hotel room. But this time I set up my Photive 25 Watt 5-Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger on the desk and it served as our central charging station. It’s convenient because the charging unit (attached to a 5 ft power cord) sits on a desk or table, so you can easily plug USB cables into it.

Each of the five ports is “intelligent,” which means it delivers the right amount of current to the device connected to it. All ports are rated at 2.1A.

It doesn’t have an LED to indicate that it is on, which I consider a feature, because I don’t like LEDs when I sleep.

When I’m not traveling, I use this as my desktop device charger.

The only reason I’d stop using it would be if I replaced it with the 50 Watt 6-Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger ($27).



-- Mark Frauenfelder  

Photive 25 Watt 5 Port USB Desktop Rapid Charger

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Nite Ize Gear Tie

I saw these in a trekking shop in Kathmandu last March, then found the 6″ version here in Japan when I returned. I’ve tried any number of rubber bands, cheap twist ties, and clamps in an attempt to organize all the cords and cables for the electronics gear I travel with and nothing has come close to the convenience and heavy-duty feel of these rubberized gear ties. I immediately ordered an assortment pack of 3″, 6″, and 12″ ties in various colors. Since they hold their shape so well they can be used as makeshift phone and tablet stands, as well.

-- Steve Shucart  

Nite Ize Gear Tie – Assorted 16 Pack

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