Month: February 2023

img 02/16/23

Epoxy Tools Utility Mat

Gar’s Tips & Tools – Issue #148

img 02/16/23

Olympus WS-802 digital audio recorder

Stereo recorder packed with premium features

img 02/14/23

Purdy Folding Prep Tool

Caulk cleaner, cutter, bottle opener, nail set end, scraper, spreader, roller cleaner, paint tin opener, flat head screw remover and pocket clip

img 02/13/23


Tools for Possibilities: issue no. 21

img 02/10/23

Milwaukee Folding Jab Saw

Fast-cutting folding saw

img 02/10/23

Alex Marcy, CEO of Corso Systems

Show and Tell #352: Alex Marcy

img 02/9/23

Solving the Riddle of Roman Concrete

Gar’s Tips & Tools – Issue #147

img 02/8/23

Sur La Table Ratchet Mill

Adjust the grind thickness to fine or coarse

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