img 04/15/08

Casio Protrek Solar Watch

Battery-less, multi-functional timepiece

img 03/27/08

Swobo Merino 6 Panel Beanie

Stink-resistant cycling cap

img 03/7/08

Tech Web Belt

Last Chance Heavy Duty Belt * Tech Web Belt

img 03/4/08

Montane Featherlite Smock

Ultralight windbreaker

img 02/20/08

Rocky Side-Zip Paraboots

Quick-zip, heavy-duty footwear

img 02/6/08

AO LED Safety Glasses

Hands-free illumination & eyeball shield

img 01/15/08

Headsweats Coolmax Skullcap

Ultra-light, packable head warmth

img 12/19/07

Black Stallion Cowhide Welding Jacket

Protective gear for welding/motorcycling

img 11/5/07


Convert lace-ups to slip-ons

img 09/20/07

Acid-Free Tissue Paper

How to protect garments & textiles

img 09/19/07

Maui Jim Titanium Sport Sunglasses

I’ve been wearing Titanium Sport frames from Maui Jim for about 5 years. I use them for driving, sports, walking, …

img 08/2/07

Over the Knee Socks

Insect armor for the legs

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