img 07/28/16

Electralube Light Bulb Lubricant

Lubricates light bulb screws to protect against corrosion, moisture and broken light bulbs

img 06/28/16

Spider and insect glue board traps

Sticky traps for six- and eight-legged vermin

img 05/25/16

Switch Lock for Light Switch

Securely locks any standard light switch in the on or off position

img 05/16/16

Pre-taped Painter’s Plastic

Plastic drop cloth with adhesive tape

img 04/14/16

Night Vision Stealth Cam

Night vision, motion-sensing camera with a 50-foot range

img 03/21/16

Wire Restring Tool

Tool for threading string though cord locks, fabric, blind slats, and more

img 03/18/16

Toilet Bowl Mop

Wipes the entire surface of the toilet bowl

img 03/10/16

Super long power strips

12-outlet strip with 6 ft. cord and 15 amp circuit breaker

img 02/22/16

Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

One quarter cup of the concentrate makes a full gallon of cleaner when mixed with water

img 02/16/16

Kik-Step Rolling Stool

Step stool rolls smoothly on hidden casters, and locks when you stand on it

img 01/27/16

3-Outlet Swivel Adapter

Swivel allows for flexibility of placement and makes hard to reach connections easier to plug in

img 01/8/16

Better Fluorescent Lights

Electronic ballasts and T8 Lamps