img 02/22/16

Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate

One quarter cup of the concentrate makes a full gallon of cleaner when mixed with water

img 02/16/16

Kik-Step Rolling Stool

Step stool rolls smoothly on hidden casters, and locks when you stand on it

img 01/27/16

3-Outlet Swivel Adapter

Swivel allows for flexibility of placement and makes hard to reach connections easier to plug in

img 01/8/16

Better Fluorescent Lights

Electronic ballasts and T8 Lamps

img 12/15/15

Rubbermaid 45-Quart Dual-Action Wastebasket

Lid swings in for quick disposal or lifts up for larger disposal items

img 11/20/15

Garageio Garage Door Controller

Control your garage door with your smartphone

img 11/4/15

Spark-Key Torch Igniter

Piezo electric lighter

img 11/2/15

Window Wedge

A way to keep windows open but prevent break-ins

img 10/27/15

Horizontal window overhang calculator

Aid to sizing window overhangs for optimal energy savings

img 10/20/15

Nokero Solar Light Bulbs

Lightbulb with a built-in battery and solar panel

img 10/9/15

Korky Universal Toilet Valve and Flapper

Toilet valve and flapper fits most toilets

img 09/21/15

Room Essentials Fast Dry Towels

Inexpensive highly absorbent towels