General Purpose Tools

img 01/4/21

Walldog Drywall Anchor Screws

Simplest way to hang pictures on drywall

img 12/19/20

2020 Happy List — Claudia

How I kept myself happy this year


2020 Happy List — Kevin

Things that lifted our spirits in 2020

img 12/5/20

2020 Happy List — Mark

Things that lifted our spirits in 2020

img 12/5/20

Recomendo, Expanded

Improved book of 1,000 recommendations

img 11/27/20

Seven years of Cool Tools Gift Guides

A compilation of our favorite gift suggestions

img 11/18/20


Easy-to-grip moving belt

img 11/9/20

Stainless Steel Cable Hoops

Wire hoops can be joined together to make larger hoops

img 11/3/20

Spyderco Sharpmaker

The other half of a knife

img 10/16/20


Self-adhesive rubber bumpers to use as feet, stops, and spacers

Know your screws. 09/10/20

3D-Printable Metric Screw Guide

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #60

img 09/3/20

Leatherman Crunch

Multitool with locking “vise-grip” style pliers