General Purpose Tools

img 05/28/19

Wire Cup Brush and Angle Grinder

Removes light corrosion, rust, and paint

img 05/21/19

Every Tool’s a Hammer

Mythbusters’ star golden rules of creativity

img 05/9/19

Wallet Magnifier

Pocket fresnel lens

img 05/2/19

Stainless Steel Power Scissors

Cuts corrugated cardboard, vinyl sheet, and resin board

img 04/30/19

Puck Wrench

Handy bolt wrench

img 04/26/19

Outback Ripper Flashlight

A flashlight for your mouth

img 04/19/19

Seiko SKX007 Automatic Watch

Powers automatically with the movement of your arm

img 04/15/19

Nifty Kutter

Cutter uses safety razor blades

img 04/12/19


Clock parts for DIYers

img 03/29/19

Klein Kurve Wire Strippers

Cuts, strips, and loops wire