General Purpose Tools

img 03/29/19

Klein Kurve Wire Strippers

Cuts, strips, and loops wire

img 03/21/19

Blind Hole Spotter Set

Accurately transfer hole patterns to wood, metal, or plastic

img 02/27/19

Tube Wringer

Maximize contents held in tube containers

img 02/26/19


Hold anything mount

img 02/22/19


No-tool zipper replacement

img 02/20/19

Rock N Roller MultiCart R2 Micro

Instantly transforms into 8 different shapes

img 02/18/19

MMX Plus Juggling Balls

The ultimate mix of juggling ball and beanbag

img 02/13/19

Cable Tie Gun

Zip tie perfection

img 01/30/19

10 knives better than X-Actos

A look at 10 alternatives to the classic, but outdated X-Acto hobby knife

img 01/29/19

Cord Pro

Cord organizer