General Purpose Tools

img 10/20/17

Lighted Telescoping Inspection Mirror

Telescopic range of 6-3/4″ to 37-inches

img 10/17/17

Micro Flame Butane Torch Kit

Mini torch with soldering tip attachment

img 10/2/17

Magnetic Cable Clip

Keeps charging cables from falling behind desks and under beds


Flexible Pick Up Gripper

Very long nimble fingers

img 09/26/17

Swivel Head Deburring Tool

Smooth out sharp edges left behind from cutting metal or plastic

img 09/25/17

Reusable Zip Ties

Releasable head that allows you to loosen, re-adjust, and reuse

img 09/15/17

Deejo Folding Knife

Lightweight pocket knife

img 08/17/17

Maker Update: Self-Centering Drill Bits

The best DIY projects of the week

img 08/17/17

Daiso Dollar Tools

Tools for a buck-and-a-half

img 08/14/17

Semi-rigid Endoscope Inspection Camera

Small camera mounted to a bendable semi-rigid cable

img 07/26/17

Maker Update #44: Head worn magnifying glasses

Adjustable head worn magnifying glasses

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