General Purpose Tools

img 06/16/18

Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

cheap, durable, rechargeable power source

img 06/11/18

Gorilla Tape

Extra sticky duct tape

img 05/24/18

Klein Switch Drive

Handle fits any driver with a ¼” power tool accessory shank

img 05/20/18

Paint Roller Cleaner

Paint Roller Cleaner

img 05/15/18

IoT Relay

High-power relay for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, PIC, or Wifi

img 04/30/18

Piranta-Z Folding Knife

Replaceable blade skinning knife

img 04/11/18

OBD II Diagnostic Scan Tool

Learn why the idiot light went on

img 04/10/18

Robo-Grip Pliers

Jaws adjust automatically

img 04/8/18

Cool Tools Digital Book

E-book version on Kindle

img 04/7/18

Sanding Flap Discs

A beginner welder’s best friend