General Purpose Tools

img 02/13/15

Black & Decker Gyro BDCS40G

When I first heard about this tool, I was already looking for a small, lightweight driver with a rechargeable battery. …

img 02/3/15

Schrade Key Chain Pry Tool

A half-ounce multitool

img 12/25/14

Keyport Slide

Best house- and car-key consolidator

img 11/7/14

Pyranna Plastic Package Opener

Inexpensive blister pack opener

img 10/28/14

Chestnut Tools Hanging Scale

Inexpensive digital scale for up to 88lbs

img 08/7/14

Spud Bar

Multi-purprose prying, breaking, and digging tool

img 08/4/14

Kelvin 23

Bladeless multitool for carry-on luggage

img 07/7/14

Victorinox SwissCard

Swiss Army knife in a credit-card shape

img 06/19/14

$8 Ikea Tool Set

Inexpensive tools ideal for kids

img 06/16/14

Gerber Artifact

Pocket keychain tool