General Purpose Tools

img 08/22/12

Pittsburgh Watch Case Opener

Opens watches affordably

img 02/16/12

Gerber Hinderer Rescue Knife

A blade for the first responder


User Manual First

In the old days (before the web) you could not read the operating manual or instructions for an appliance, device, …


TechShop Membership

TechShop (previously reviewed here) is a member-based workshop. They have one of every tool you could dream of — laser …

img 01/2/12

Radiator Hose Pick

Fine pointed tool

img 12/5/11

Monoflo Nestable Totes

Heavy duty storage totes

img 11/25/11

Vinyl Zipper Wallet

Perfect tool organizer

img 11/23/11

Razor-Back 4-Inch Ice Scraper

Icebreaker extraordinaire