General Purpose Tools

img 03/11/04

Tormek Sharpening System

Reliable professionaly razor sharp edges

img 03/2/04

This to That

Which glue to use?

img 12/9/03

Myerchin Lightknife

Affordable highly-evolved pocketknife

img 10/21/03

Small Parts

Modest quantities of unusual materials

img 09/16/03

Jeweler Screwdrivers

Small is beautiful

img 09/4/03

EZ-CD Opener

Fastest way to open shrink wraps

img 07/21/03

SureFire LED Light

Most astonishing miniature light so far

img 07/14/03


The source for model makers

img 06/30/03

Griphoist (Tirfor) Hand Winch

Better than a come-along or winch

img 06/2/03

One Highly-Evolved Belt Kit

Ulitmate Knife, Compass, Monocular and Belt Holder