Klaus Æ. Mogensen’s Media Predictions

In 2013, Klaus Æ. Mogensen made a set of media predictions and scenarios to 2030. The details of the scenarios are being a publication paywall, but the predictions are accessible as part of a preview. Here is a summary of his predictions:

More of…

bigger screens with better resolution and color (16k-32k screens)

content (more in public domain, more self-published, more new free)

bandwidth availability, usage, and requirements

variety of devices (very small and very big)

subscription streams will continue to replace ownership of individual works

collaborative creation of content

Less of…

printed mass media

physical access points for digital content (brick-and-mortar rental/purchase points)

digital content on physical media

slow, rigid distribution systems (eg: traditional publishers)


micro-implants enabling thought-based user interfaces and feedback (eg: augmented reality)

screens that be folded or rolled

holographic displays

Source: Mogensen, Klaus Æ. September 24, 2013. “The Media World 2013.” Scenario, 5


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