Month: June 2021

img 06/18/21

Alana Aamodt, Toy Designer

Cool Tools Show 283: Alana Aamodt

Smear the glue over the edge, not down along it. 06/17/21

Edge Gluing Tip

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #91

img 06/17/21


Secure wall plugs in problem surfaces

img 06/16/21

What’s in my desk? — Jayme Boucher

What’s in my desk? issue #106

img 06/16/21

High Temperature Glue Gun

For better bonding to metal, wood, plastic, ceramics, magnets, and other nonporous materials

img 06/14/21

Magnetic tool holder

Keeps tools within easy reach

img 06/14/21

Lineman’s Compound Action Pliers

Compound leverage design increases cutting pressure by 50 percent

img 06/11/21

Invitation to Show and Tell

Submit your short video reviews

img 06/11/21

Mike Senese, Executive Editor of Make

Cool Tools Show 282: Mike Senese

img 06/11/21

3M Headlight Polishing Kit

Polishing kit for anything plastic