Month: June 2021

img 06/10/21

Over Sink Kitchen Drying Rack

Dish mat unrolls above an open sink for air-drying washed items

img 06/9/21

What’s in my desk? — Lee Ellman

What’s in my desk? issue #105

img 06/9/21

Robo Grip Pliers

Self adjusts around object. Spring loaded for one hand operation.

img 06/8/21

6-Pack PopSocket Sticky Adhesive Replacement Kit

Sticky adhesive replacement kit for PopSockets

mountzip_thumbnail 06/7/21

Hangable Zip Ties

Zip Ties You Can Screw Into

img 06/7/21

Mirror Image Wall Clock

Clocks for mirror users

img 06/4/21

Seth Raphael, Hi-Tech Magician

Cool Tools Show 281: Seth Raphael

img 06/4/21

No-Break Mechanical Pencil

Pencil has spring tip to prevent lead from snapping

Don't forget to properly align the polarized film. 06/3/21

Replacing the Polarized Film on a Resin Printer

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #90

img 06/2/21

What’s in my bag? — Steve Pellegrino

What’s in my desk? issue #104

img 06/2/21

Bulls-Eye Power Nozzle

Adjusts from complete shut off to a pinpoint spray to a heavy spray to a solid jet spray