img 09/16/16

Wiss 1DS Industrial Shears

Do-pretty-much everything shears

img 07/19/16

Clear Padlock for Lock Pick Practice

Clear plastic padlock allows you to see moving parts

img 06/22/16

Electrician’s Knife

Edges designed for stripping cables, also good for cleaning 3D printed parts

img 06/16/16

Long Nose Marker Pen

Long thin tip on one side reaches tight spots

img 05/9/16

Krylon Fusion for Plastic Spraypaint

Paint that sticks to plastic

img 04/20/16


Knitting kit subscription

img 02/29/16

Rio Grande Tools and Equipment Catalog

Jewelry maker and hobbyists tool catalog

img 02/17/16

Riker Specimen Mount

Best way to display your tiny treasures

img 02/11/16

Alla Prima Pochade Box

Artist’s pochade box with a two-panel lid and two clip-on work trays

img 06/23/15

Dental Picks

Great for craft projects

img 04/17/15

Olfa Rotary Cutter

Fast, accurate paper and fabric cutting