Ericsson: 5G impacts on sports events

Alongside November 2017’s Mobility Report, Ericsson offered some speculations on the effect 5G mobile service might have on sporting event spectators.


Key findings

    Growth in mobile traffic at events can be attributed to changes in user behavior, especially among younger people
    Spectators now mainly share or stream live videos and engage with social networks at events, as well as increasingly creating and uploading their own content
    Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies can enhance visitors’ and remote spectators’ experience of events, making them available in new ways
    4G systems will continue to support event visitors with services, but in the near future, 5G technology will have the capability to transform their experience
    At future events and connected venues, with high traffic density and increasing use of demanding services such as AR and VR, proactive management and automation will be essential to meet committed service levels

A range of services may be included in 5G showcases, allowing venue visitors to turn from spectators into participants and enabling them to:

    Watch events from different viewpoints with interactive control
    Access multiple cameras filming an object to achieve a 3D view
    Experience sports activity from the perspective of the athlete via mini-cameras
    Enjoy an in-stadium experience outside the venue through haptic or tactile feedback
    View live holographic projections of athletes
    Integrate supplementary content into their live streams
    See athlete, event or venue statistics superimposed on their device display
    Analyze and display performance data through sensors embedded in sports equipment
    Receive real-time information on factors such as the speed and location of a ball
    View overlay and substitution content, for example, explaining rules, giving more details and personalizing the experience

Ericsson, Nov 2017
“From spectators to participants”

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