Month: January 2021

img 01/8/21

Auto Center Punch

Precise start on metal

DL, droppin' the science. 01/7/21

Using Paper Towel and Wood Glue to Seal Up Molds for Casting

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #74

img 01/7/21

Victorinox Swiss Army Recruit Knife

Medium Pocket Knife with 10 Functions

img 01/6/21

What’s in my bag? — Jeff Heinen

What’s in my bag? issue #83

img 01/6/21

Masters of Deception

Showcase of nerd art

img 01/5/21

Extra Pure Anhydrous Lanolin

Best thing I’ve found for preventing hangnails

img 01/4/21

Walldog Drywall Anchor Screws

Simplest way to hang pictures on drywall

img 01/1/21

Shoshana Berger, Senior director at IDEO

Cool Tools Show 259: Shoshana Berger