Month: September 2021

img 09/22/21

What’s on my desk? — Kevin Kelly

What’s in my … ? issue #120

img 09/22/21

PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner and Polish

Removes cloudiness, yellowing, oxidation, and fine scratches in clear plastics

img 09/17/21

Mack Reed, Technologist

Cool Tools Show 296: Mack Reed

img 09/17/21

OXO Kitchen Peeler

Superior vegetable peeler

img 09/15/21

Felco Pruners

Superb garden clippers

img 09/14/21

Kwik-kut Food Chopper

Chops almost any food item

img 09/10/21

Jim Louderback, Web video pioneer

Cool Tools Show 295: Jim Louderback

img 09/10/21

Plasti Dip

Easily applied plastic coating

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