Month: March 2021

img 03/31/21

What’s in my desk? — Carol Byrd

What’s in my desk? issue #95

img 03/31/21


Glue for clothing

laser_thumb 03/29/21

Laser Cutter Safety Essentials

4 Tips for Better, Safer Laser Cutting

3volgray 03/29/21

Vanishing Asia Kickstarter

1,000 pages of the traditions of Asia

img 03/26/21

David Yoon, NYT Bestselling Author

Cool Tools Show 271: David Yoon

Dig that swanky hinge. 03/25/21

Better Shutter Button

Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales – Issue #84

img 03/25/21

Jonard Electrician Scissors

Versatile classic cutter-stripper

img 03/23/21

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Good low-priced omnidirectional microphone

img 03/22/21

Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

10 Pre-Threaded Hand Needles, 2 Buttons and 1 Safety Pin