Living on the Road


BDU Pocket Field Organizer/Wallet

Notebook, pens & essentials holder

img 05/31/18


Flat water bottle for bag or pocket

img 05/14/18

Brightech Battery Jumper

Portable car battery jump starter

img 05/2/18

Logitech Wireless Presenter

Foolproof presentation controller

img 04/4/18

Yeti SS 20oz Insulated Tumbler

Vacuum insulated tumbler with lid

img 03/29/18

Walkabout Power Adapters

Power adapter superstore

img 03/28/18

FINsix Dart Laptop Charger

Smaller, lighter laptop charger

img 02/10/18

Bestek 300W Power Inverter

Best gadget charger for travelers

img 12/21/17

MUJI PE Bottle with Snap Cap

Bottle for travel liquids

img 12/1/17

SkyRoll Garment Bag

Suits wrap around the outside

img 11/9/17

Portable Standing Desk

Inexpensive standing desk for home and travel

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