What’s in My Bag

img 01/18/17

What’s in My Bag? — J Young

What a fire and water restoration estimator needs out in the field

img 01/11/17

What’s in My Bag — Tyler

A geographer shares his go-to essentials

img 08/10/16

What’s in My Bag — Wayne Ruffner

Outdoorsman shares his ultimate bug repellent kit

img 07/29/16

What’s in My Bag — Tee Cardaci

A world-traveling DJ shares his work and travel essentials

img 07/8/16

What’s in My Bag? — Elon Schoenholz

Former Cool Tools editor and photographer shares what’s in his bag

img 06/20/16

What’s in My Bag — Daniel Webb

A software developer by day, musician by night shares his bag full of album-making tools

img 06/10/16

What’s in My Bag? — Arthur Homa

A globetrotting energy consultant shares his travel must-haves

img 05/26/16

What’s in My Bag? — Jim Lanhan

A retiree shares what’s in his “old man” bag

img 05/13/16

What’s in My Bag? — David Murray

A metro light-rail system commuter opens his daily urban bag for us

img 05/4/16

What’s in My Bag? — Heron

Best fishing gear for backcountry hiking trips

img 03/23/16

What’s in my bag? — Dennis Nishi

The things I take with me on multimedia reporting jobs that I’ve done with the Wall Street Journal, NPR, the BBC World Service and various commercial jobs.

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